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Upcoming Events

Expanding Into Consciousness Online Monthly Membership Classes

Coming 2020

This group was set up to offer classes and information to all that are open to learn but on your own time and from the convenience of your own home. This Group is a Membership Group, meaning you will have three options of Payment.

This information is offered to all that have joined and I ask that you do not share any of this information or content offered on this site. Only those who have paid their membership will have access to this group.

Spirituality is a huge topic of discussion lately as more and more people are awakening to a higher sense of truth and curiosity about the nature of the universe.

Every person in every situation, no matter how disordered and hopeless it may seem, is part of the universal process of expanding consciousness, this is a process of becoming more of oneself, of finding greater meaning in life, and of reaching new dimensions of connectedness with other people and the world.

We will be exploring a different Chakra every month (15 in total), with exercises, meditations and activities and giveaways to support that Chakra. In addition, every month we will be exploring an additional new topic that will deepen your practice and help you to Expand in Consciousness. We will be looking deeper into topics that I will be presenting for the first time ever. Most of these topics have been my personal areas of study for many years. If you would like to know what they are JOIN US!


In this group I will be offering you tons of support, information and exercises to help expand into consciousness. I will do this through Videos, E-Books, Meditations & Special Guests. I will also have live Q & A. In addition, learning shouldn’t be all serious! So we will be having some fun! I will be doing monthly giveaways through the many sponsors I am so blessed to know!

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