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About Miranda

    Miranda Powell , RMT

I am an Angelic Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Numerologist and Reiki Master Teacher. For as long as I can remember, I have always had the ability to see beyond the physical and to see, hear & know things that many do not sense.


I have been able to see Angels, Spirits and Guides since I was a child. I grew up in a spiritual environment; both my parents had spiritual gifts of their own. 


Over the years, I have grown into my abilities, becoming clearer about my life’s purpose. Helping people work with their angels for guidance to ignite their own life’s purpose, strengthen their relationships improve their physical well-being and health, overcome hurts of the past and heal from within to awaken their soul.


I have worked with hundreds of satisfied clients in personal consulting sessions, life-affirming workshops and retreats.


Clients come to me looking for guidance and clarity and leave with solid strategies to support a centered and blessed life. I offer workshops, presentations and personal services, through integrative healing techniques and empowerment training.


I am simply the instrument for bringing the Divine influence into my clients’ lives. I am currently traveling the United States offering workshops on many spiritual topics. I reside in Virginia.