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Angelic Readings


What is an Angelic Reading?


An Angelic Reading gives you an opportunity to ask your Heavenly helpers (Divine Self, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides) for assistance, clarity and guidance. From their broader and loving perspective, they offer their answers to your questions.


I use my intuitive senses to connect with your heavenly helpers and deliver their messages to you. My readings focus on various areas, from family, parenting, children, to relationships, and manifesting your heart’s desire. Angels do not predict a definite future, but may help you see more clearly what choices are available to you and what each choice would involve. We create our own reality with our thoughts and free will choices. If you are shown a probable future that you do not like, the angels will either offer a way you can change it with your intentions and thoughts, or they will show you the blessings behind the experience.


My intention is to provide you with clarity, guidance and tools for empowerment, which will assist you in finding greater peace, joy, and purpose.